Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bring on the Obama Ads

Hey Google, what's a guy gotta do to get some Obama ads around here? I think we'd make more money if we got the RomBot ads off the side of the page.  He doesn't want money from the "little people" anyway!

Sabato's Crystal Ball: Obama a Shoo-In at this Point

Sabato's Crystal Ball, excellent website for number crunching. He has Obama at a fairly safe 290 electoral votes.  A major shake-up would have to happen to swing things in Romney's direction.

Sabato site

Real Clear Politics has more a Repub, Rasmussen feel, and even they give Obama a huge edge currently.

In the Senate, Sabato has it currently 49-45 for the Dems, with 6 toss-ups.  Just two of those toss-ups have to go D for the Dems to retain control of the Senate. With Elizabeth Warren of MA and Tammy Baldwin of WI probably going to win...looks like a safe Senate save for the Dems.

The House will probably Stay Repub, though Dems are likely to chip into their lead.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mitt Sinks Lower than W in Favorability Rating

You KNOW George W. Bush is Mitt Romney's biggest fan and supporter. Mitt's the only guy that can get W off the list as America's Worst President.

Newt Gingrich: If Obama wins, we'll being plotting our comeback

Of course the Repubs will plot their comeback.  All they do is plot how to win elections -- they're not even remotely interested in governance.  They've had a huge tactical advantage over the Dems for years -- they're always plotting and planning, playing Machiavellian games with gerrymandering, redistricting, and voter suppression, while Dems are busy doing things like, you know, governing.  America, however, has figured out the GOP. We are shunning them. Plot all you want, Newt, but your party is close to implosion, with the insane teabaggers on one side and the geriatric nostalgia types on the other. And nothing in the middle.

Obama Obama Obama -- Now Let's See Some Obama Ads on Here!

Tempted to type Obama about 80 times, just to try to get some Obama ads posted on this site. 

Other races deserving of your five dollar bill:

Claire McCaskill in Missouri! She's leading the Kahuna of the Fruitcakes Todd Akin, but expect the RNC money to come pouring in -- they just love that guy's take on rape.  Seriously, he is one scary dude.  If I ever thought the "skeleton in the closet" phrase might be literal rather than figurative, it's with this guy.

Romney Camp Lowers Debate Expectations

And if I were them I would too.  The RomBot camp is out in force touting President Obama's brilliantly unparalleled gifts as an orator -- simply to lower expectations for Romney's upcoming 90 minutes of ineptitude.

Sure, Obama is a fine orator, and he runs a smart campaing, neiter of wich can be said for Romney but the real story of why Romney is losing so badly is the GOP's inability to remain pertinent. They're locked into an increasingly outlier mentality, unable to connect with the reality of contemporary America: We're more diverse, more progressive, and smarter than ever. As long as the GOP pretends that America is for whites only, and all they need to do is wear a bigger flag lapel pin, they will lose...and lose...and lose.