Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Medieval Vs. The Modern, Redux: Obama Vs. Santorum

Greece is on fire today, and in America we are discussing condoms. The birthplace of democracy sells itself to the banksters, and the news in America is about condoms – birth control, and what old men in dresses think about it.

Rick Santorum is the Republican candidate most deserving of his party’s nomination. He encapsulates the mind of the Right most completely, with its insistence on micro-managing a woman’s reproductive life to the exclusion of all else: the bankster takeover of the world, climate change and the sundry other impending disasters of our time, the collapse of a biosphere that can only be understood physically, through the acts of men and women, not magically, through the acts of Angels and Demons. The Bishops and the Monsignors and Rick Santorum, the Opus Dei villain of our time, are frightened of and fixated by Woman and that bit of Satan’s work she carries between their legs. To the exclusion of all else.

Santorum trumps Romney in all the current polls. Ten days ago he was 15 points behind, now he leads. Mitt Romney fades. Romney embodies plutocracy, to be sure, but he is not the zealot that Santorum is, and we live in a time of zealotry.

Let us hope the eldritch threat of Rick Santorum emboldens the Left to greatness.


Mitt Romney won the caucus in Maine, and he eked out a win in the straw poll vote at CPAC, the conservative condom-free bacchanal in D.C. this weekend, but his star is on the wane. This nomination belongs to Rick Santorum. For all of Romney’s intentional tone-deafness, he is not sufficiently insane to win the nomination this year. That belongs to Santorum, who will lead us, we all know, backward, ever backward, to a Reckoning and an Inquisition that will delight his wizards of darkness with its stained glass trappings and its medieval torture devices. Our nation deserves a national debate between the Modern and the Medieval, between a President who lives in the tangible world, and the zealot who communes with the Unseen. Rationality could very well lose, as we live in perilous times, but we deserve the debate. And either way it goes, we will probably deserve the outcome.

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