Sunday, February 5, 2012

Newt Gingrich: We Will Go To Tampa

We thought he might quit – why else call a press conference after a losing primary? Press conferences in such situations are generally reserved for saying one’s good-byes, or, in the parlance of the current GOP primary, for "suspending" one’s campaign.

But no. In short, Newt Gingrich vowed to fight on last night, all the way to the Republican convention this summer in Tampa, Florida. He accused the Romney campaign of sponsoring the rumor that Mr. Gingrich’s demise was imminent, terming it their "greatest fantasy." Perhaps. But this is our "greatest fantasy" come true, if Newt means it, that he does indeed fight tooth and claw all the way, and that the convention might take on aspects of a metaphorical bloodbath. We don’t know what we would write about, should Mr. Romney not have an antagonist this primary season. The Obama campaign? The only exciting prospect there -- until the general election heats up -- might be Joe Biden’s falling off the ticket, and who might replace him. (Hillary Clinton? A bit on the nose, and she is, sadly, not looking all that vigorous. Jim Webb? We like the idea of a gun-totin’ leftie....)

Mr. Gingrich will fight on. That was the biggest news from the Nevada primary. Mr. Romney’s victory was news to no one, except perhaps the blindered Ron Paul supporter, who still expects him to come in first place somewhere, anywhere. The rest of the Gingrich presser was Newt being Newt, snarkily castigating the press even as he feeds on their free publicity. His "big ideas": A thumbnail glimpse at maximum employment, Republican style – eliminate minimum wage and child labor laws, basically. Ah, the good old days of the 19th century! Everybody employed – at two dollars an hour. Marianas Islands neo-capitalism writ large, the Republican Party’s "greatest fantasy."


"This Week" with George S. this Sunday morning, and to our surprise we see Glenn Hubbard, Harvard "economist" and chief gun-for-hire by the right wing, blathering about giving more money to rich people and why it’s such a good thing. He was our pick for Most Disgusting Villain -- or at least Most Cloying -- from the movie "Inside Job," the best chronicle of the financial collapse of 2008. Mr. Hubbard works for the Mitt Romney team now. Their economic plan is simple: Complete the transference of all wealth to the super-rich. Mr. Hubbard has made a very good living writing and speaking on why such an act would be such a jolly good idea. My Goodness but Mr. Romney is on board with it. Continue raking all the money off the table, and then when there’s no money left to pay for anything find some poor sap getting $200 a month in food stamps and blame him.

They beat on, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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